You will be working with a professional bridal consultant who will guide you in finding the perfect dress! Both you and your consultant will browse gowns and she will assist you in any capacity necessary

Yes. We do require an appointment to make sure you have a consultant to give you the time and attention you deserve!

We do not charge or take a card when making an appointment, but we do ask that you kindly cancel at least 24 hours in advance.

Bridal Appointments are booked at 90 minutes, this is one of the most important parts of wedding planning, so we make sure you have more than enough time to try on a magnitude of options.

Gowns start at $1200.00 and top off at $7000.00, with the average being between $1800.00 to $3500.00.

Once you find a dress you truly love, order it! Our gowns typically ship between4 to 7 months depending on a few variables. Different designers often have different lead times so it depends on what you fall in love with! In addition, almost every dress we have in Village Bridal is available for purchase without special order. This gives us the opportunity to accommodate short engagements or last-minute purchasing! For more detailed information on shipping, you can give us a call.

All wedding gowns are made to order, making them a final sale. There are no refunds, exchanges, or returns on special order items

Standard bodice-to-hem alterations are $595.00 Bustles range from $200-350. Any custom work you may have done will incur additional fees to be determined by our seamstress based on the scope of work

For bridal we encourage starting alterations 2 to 3 months prior to your event. Evening gowns typically start 1 to 2 months prior.

We happily take outside alterations, however, during our busy season we do have to accommodate the schedules of our in-house brides first.

We do require an appointment to make sure you have a consultant to give you the time and attention you deserve!

You can call, email or make an online request on our website.

We ask that you cancel 24 hours prior to your appointment.

We never want our brides to feel pressured or forced to make a decision. If you do not feel ready to say yes at your first visit, your consultant can schedule you a follow up appointment to retry any dresses you loved. Depending on how many dresses, the appointment will be around 30 minutes to an hour long.

We love seeing photos of your inspiration as they’re super helpful to our consultant! We want to make all your Pinterest wishes come true!

We ask that you limit yourself to 3 guests, as we are a small boutique and get very busy on the weekend. We find it helpful to bring the most important people to you, who you trust to give you guidance while putting your preferences first! Fewer opinions can make the experience more enjoyable for the bride. You can always bring different family and friends to a try-on appointment or your fittings!

You can certainly request a specific consultant, however, we pride ourselves in having an AMAZING staff of consultants who are professional and knowledgeable.

If you find that you and your consultant are not connecting or there were to be a specific problem with your consultant, we would certainly address that and make sure another consultant is available to take over.

Most brides find it helpful to purchase the accessories at the same time as the dress to see the whole look put together. If you’re not ready to look at accessories that day, we can always make

They typically last 30 minutes.

We always try to accommodate your timeline as best we can! Some designers have dresses in stock that are due to arrive in less time. In addition, we almost always offer the option to purchase the sample if you fall in love with a dress that will not ship within your timeline!

Some designers offer a “rush”, which is essentially a sooner ship date than their standard delivery.

The rush fee can range from $150.00 to $300.00 based on the designer.

All ship dates are approximate, including rush dates.

Bridal gowns 10 to 12 weeks prior. Evening gowns 6 to 8 weeks prior.

It is important to bring the EXACT shoes and any undergarments you will be wearing the day of your event, so the seamstress can accurately mark your hem and make any alterations.

How many times you see the seamstress will depend on the gown and alterations needed. On average, for a wedding gown you have between 2-3 fittings and a pick up.

We accept cash or any major credit card.

60% is required to place any orders.

Our store will adhere to all MSRP regulations.

Shipping costs will depend on the gown and weight.

We can text or email you to keep you updating on the shipping.

We can if you request one.

When you receive your dress, we highly recommend trying it on immediately to make sure it's the correct dress and size ordered.

We currently only ship within the US.

When your big day is done and you are ready to preserve your gown you can drop it off at our store. We will send it to an affiliate company we use that specializes in cleaning and preserving wedding gowns.

We recommend storing the gown in a cool space.

Your gown will be in a specially sealed box. There will be a window that you will be able to see your gown through and take a peek whenever you’d like!

We love trunk shows because it is an opportunity for our designers to send us new gowns that we do not yet have in stores for you to try on! This gives you access to the latest gowns and trends. Usually this is only for a short period of time, so we suggest making appointments for trunk shows in advance!